Budgeting Money Can Be Easy With

the Right Budgeting Tools


Welcome to The Budget SchoolIf you’re thinking about getting on budget to help manage your finances, check out our  Blog Lessons. If you’re ready to start budgeting right now, pick up a budget worksheet, equipped with video instruction.


of Americans Don’t

Have a Household Budget

1 in 4

People Don’t Know

What They Spend

on Housing, Food

& Entertainment


WHAT ~ What is budgeting all about?

A budget is a spending plan. Budgeting is the process by which you track your spending habits with the intent to improve your finances.

WHY ~ Why do I need to budget at all?

Budgeting makes you aware of your financial status. You’ll want to budget consistently in order track your spending, increase your savings and get out of debt.

HOW ~ How do I budget anyway?

There are only two things you need to take control of your finances: a budgeting tool to get you started and the budgeting education to keep you going.


Budgeting Tools


ultimate budgeting toolOur Ultimate Budgeting Tool is an all-inclusive resource that makes it easy to discover where your money is going.Click here to learn more...



budget worksheetsOur free budget worksheets are available for any occasion and will help you get through life events without breaking the bank.Click here to learn more...



Budgeting Education


ebook FinalOur Budgeting eBook: “How to Create a Budget and Stick to It!” will keep you on your game as you work to improve your spending habits. Click here to learn more...



budgeting moneyOur free budgeting lessons, videos and interviews with top finance authorities will give you the knowledge you can put into action right away.  Click here to learn more...


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