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Great Gift Idea – Video

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or whichever holiday, pictures are a great way to create a gift for someone. You can go to a kiosk at the drug store, put in your digital CD and print out an image for less than $.50.

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Pack Healthy Snacks – Video

One really great way that we save money when we’re out and about is to keep some snacks on hand. So I love to keep some granola bars in the glove compartment. My husband loves almonds, so I also keep these around as well and occasionally I’ll even sometimes keep some fresh fruit in my Read the full article…

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Marvin: A Path To Financial Freedom Through Self Actualization, Transparency & Investing

Personal finance investment leader and advocate for the ‘Average Joe,’ Marvin from shares how the economic fall of 2008 lead him to seek true financial freedom. His stance of self education, coupled with a transparent looking into his personal stock portfolio, gives users a glimpse into what they can achieve for themselves. Here’s Marvin: Read the full article…

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Sell Unused Items – Video

If you have items at your home that you never use, for instance your wedding dress, and it doesn’t have huge sentimental value for you, you’re not going to use it for generations to come or pass it down to your daughter, I suggest that you get rid of it and give someone else the Read the full article…

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How Budgeting Money Can Save You $1200 a Year

Tracking your spending and budgeting money isn’t the most coveted activity in our American consumption society. No one likes to sit down on a Saturday afternoon and record what he spent for the week or actually assign portions of his income to cover various expenses. How boring is that? How time consuming? Then again, how Read the full article…

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Hank Coleman on The Debt Epidemic & His advice to Avoid the Pitfalls

Personal finance planner and financial blogger Hank Coleman, tells us the real reason why young adults are easily susceptible to fall debt. Through education, experience and practical application, Coleman offers a unique perspective on what made him become financially aware from an early age. Gain knowledge from his insights and start on your own journey Read the full article…